• Announcement: Food Lovers Diet – Is There More You Should Know?


    However you may have heard about the food lovers diet you have come to the right place to get those hard to find, honest answers you deserve before you decide if the product is right for you or not.

    The Food Lovers Fat Loss TV infomercial has been around for a few years now which has significantly helped the program gain in popularity. What we want to take a look at is whether the product has merit or is it simply the result of a great advertising effort by it’s developers, Provida Life Sciences.

    As one would expect, everyone that appeared in the infomercial reported astounding results from using the program with no negative results mentioned at all. I’m sure you are aware that no diet program works for everyone for various reasons as results can vary widely as you will soon discover.

    What is the Theory Behind the program?

    It is vitally important to understand what the creators of the food lovers diet are basing their claims on. It’s all about eating any foods you want but only in specific combinations to obtain consistent weight loss. They recommend eating only meals that consist of a combination of slow carbs, fast carbs, and proteins. By following this process they claim it is impossible not to lose weight and inches if you just follow the instructions and meal plans provided in the package which, by the way, is quite extensive.

    Is the Product Worth the Price of Admission?

    As you may remember from the advertisement, the price of the entire program is 6 payments of  $19.99 or $120 which does not include shipping and handling charges to have it delivered to your door. Shipping cost can be considerable if you want it in just a few days. It is important to note that none of the material included in the program is available in downloadable form which would save the purchaser both time and money. From that perspective, the program can be expensive even when they include the two small bonus guides.

    Which Age Group Enjoyed the Best Results?

    In every case study it was the under 40 age group that got the most favorable results hands down. There is a very simple explanation to validate those findings. As a person grows older their metabolism slows greatly and it becomes much harder to boost their metabolic rate. This is especially true in most people over 40 and even more dramatic for those age 50 and beyond. For this one reason alone the program did not rate very well for the middle aged or seniors that participated in the study.

    Is it Safe if You’re Taking Prescribed Medication?

    Lots of people these days are taking prescribed medication for a whole host of health issues and conditions. Among the more common ones are hypertension, diabetes, and even heart disease. Ironically, most of these conditions and many more, are spawned out of poor eating habits which eventually led to obesity. Many of these health related diseases are controlled by medication and normally should put the participant at little or no risk of complications. That being said, it’s always best to check with your doctor.

    Has the Program Worked Best for Men or Women?

    Interestingly enough, test results revealed a virtual “deadlock”. Many weight loss programs are gender based  mostly created with women as their targeted customer. This only makes sense as women generally buy far more diet programs and weight loss supplements than men. However, with this particular product both genders experienced roughly the same results with a very close range of both positive and negative results being reported.

    Does the Program Actually Work for Most People?

    This is the most difficult question to answer definitively concerning the program because it surely has worked well for some but not so well for many others. However, in almost every case study the diet did not fair very well on its own. In other words, more lifestyle changes had to be made to achieve substantial results such as smaller portion sizes at meals, frequent exercise, and getting an adequate amount of sleep.

    To be fair, the most accurate answer is no it has not proven to work well for most people as a “stand alone” diet program over time. This conclusion is further confirmed by the developers own admission both in the infomercial and on the website where it clearly states, “results are not typical.”

    Is There a Solution for You?

    As well as the food lovers diet has been packaged and advertised, the truth is, no diet that ignores healthy eating habits and moderate exercise will ever work for most people at any time period. As mentioned in the beginning of this review, it’s all about understanding which foods naturally burn fat and what tiny group of foods you should avoid at all costs.

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